[:en]Salman justice in the yera of assertive and sophisticated .. Justice Minister: We are working on building an integrated judicial system[:]

[:en]Since the State was founded by the late King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud to reign custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud-– this country on the principle of equality, fairness and justice for all, you spend the Kingdom from Lord’s legislation by RPR full independence, not to judge not Sharia.

the justice systems have seen several developments in accordance with strategic plans goal of building a modern judicial system integrated and homogeneous, take all the modern technical means, with The development of the judicial entity structure, format and enhanced by manpower, organizational, procedural and administrative and physical, to create a judicial check prompt justice to both quality and workmanship.

The Ministry is working within the national transformation programme (2020) this ambitious programme and led me and his Royal Highness Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman captain of ship development and economy on a number of initiatives and projects within vision ‘ expeditious justice, quality and mastery ‘ in management, development, review and develop systems, and strive to improve the performance of cadres, and make it easier for reviewers and their service, and awareness of human rights, and developing the technical aspect of the Ministry in judicial, for service delivery to beneficiaries. God save us our wise leadership led by the custodian and

Crown Prince Crown Prince and heir to the Premier and patronised and Adam on the Kingdom of Justice and grace of security, safety and peacefulness.[:]

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