[:en]Within their tour on a number of forensic facilities .. Justice Minister receives delegation Financial Centre Courts[:]

[:en]It was also during the reception to discuss many of the common themes in the forensic field.

The President of the Supreme Court, Sheikh darkness received Bin Mohammed Agheihb delegation DIFC Courts in Dubai who is visiting the UK currently.

and accept Sheikh Agheihb during the reception functions of the Court and issues to look at it and the mechanism used in the courts and judicial systems procedures in the Kingdom.

Also included visiting delegation Financial Centre Courts in Dubai to visit a number of legal circles in Riyadh included Court of Appeal and the Court of implementation where the delegation was briefed during these visits in the forty-work in the courts and the nature of the issues to look at it and the mechanism of the electronic link between the Ministry of Justice and government sectors and ministries and the results of these measures in accelerating the pace of judicial work and the speed of completion of transactions.

The tour included a visit to the Judicial Information, Ministry of Justice Center where the delegation listened to a detailed explanation about the work of real estate indicators and indicators of private and public, which reports on courts and judges, notaries performance through daily statistics of the results of the work, also briefed the delegation on the design models for the building of justice being implemented and proposed for implementation. mechanism

“It seeks as a representative of an international association for the courts manage to transfer the image of good for the international community to this development and this a leader in building a judicial system electronic experiment.

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