[:en]Implementation court in Jeddah assess ceremony to honor outstanding[:]

[:en]The Court of execution with his grandfather Dr. Ali bin monthly supervisor this honor comes to stimulate employees to encourage them to develop their skills and court employees urged the Court to act professionally and develop their skills in dealing with the public and morality to build well worthy of the justice sector officials, he also urged them to pursue excellence and achievement in the service of Justice and home.

the Jeddah Court implementation implemented during the past year 1436 e over (17) a request to execute the value (13) billion , Which contributed significantly to the increase in the size of the rights returned to the owners by force Executive system, and thus constituted deterrent to recalcitrant and more effective mechanism and speed of proceedings and implementation to achieve prompt justice that seeks justice for the various elements of the facility under the direct supervision and follow-up and ongoing guidance of his Excellency Minister of Justice Dr. Walid Bin Mohammad alsamaani.[:]

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