[:en]Social” support the development and charitable sectors by 3 billion riyals[:]

[:en]and issued the ministry associations new civil enterprise system, and spent Mecca Royal stones of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God protect him for charities amounting to two billion riyals, in addition to the financial support provided by the ministry to charity more than 500 million riyals , and the allocation of $ (115) million to support cooperatives, with a total accumulation is provided by the ministry of programs and projects in the field of community development over the past year (8.838) projects with a total cost of $ (214.578.581) riyals, benefiting hundreds of thousands of different segments of society .

The ministry has launched a range of development initiatives addressed to all segments of society, and turned many of its dealings service in charity and development field to electronic trading in order to facilitate procedures and sophistication of services offered.

He explained Undersecretary for Social Development, Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Sadhan, that the ministry is seeking through the decisions and programs Introduction to the development of the development sector and charitable activities and support community members of all groups and classes, and provide financial and logistical support for its support to carry out his duties on the face hoped, and that an investigation to see the new Cabinet list and directions on development effectiveness rather than pastoral and transformation of the guarantee to the safety and the need for production, pointing out that development sector received over the past year on the ministry’s approval of the opening (37) social development committees new in all regions of the Kingdom, as provided financial and logistical support for (406) committees of civil social development List.


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