[:en]Commission lawyers: try those accused of terrorist crimes have met all the requirements of judicial work[:]

[:en]The Commission emphasized in a statement that judicial decisions which announced the implementation of the Ministry of the Interior is the legal provisions derived from the provisions of Islamic Sharia implemented on a class committed acts of crime , terrorist crimes represent in the eyes of Islamic law and international treaties, this group has targeted such acts innocent lives and security of the country and the people.

The President of the Board of Directors d. Samaani and all its members on their own behalf and on behalf of all lawyers Saudi Arabia for standing in one line with the wise leadership towards the agitators and advocates of terrorism.

And raise the head of the Saudi lawyers thanks and thanked the members to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince and the Crown Crown on support the unlimited of the facility forensic That precious agree on the organization of the Saudi lawyers, which will have the greatest impact on the development of the legal profession and increase the overall performance.[:]

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