[:en]Minister of Justice launches a Project Management Office of the ministry[:]

[:en]nd aimed at the Ministry of Justice through the establishment of this office to assist and support agencies ministry in transforming its initiatives to programs and projects. As the office is working on the follow-up to the ministry and to make sure they achieve their objectives, as the office is intended to make sure the projects agree with the ministry strategic directions and objectives as well as the work of periodic reports on the progress of projects and achievements that has them, and measure the achievement of these projects to its objectives, and increase the efficiency of the Ministry’s staff through the Project Center.

The Office will develop a methodology for project management in line with the ministry’s culture and according to the latest global applications in project management, as the Office will equip the models and mechanisms that will help the ministry to control their projects and show any failure or delay early in the ministry to be able to avoid and overcome any delay may object projects.[:]

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