[:en]Minister of Justice issued a decision to form a committee to study the obstacles that might hinder women in the court[:]

[:en]This comes after the judicial inspection reports spotted some remarks during a visit judicial inspectors to some courts, including the failure to allocate special women entrances, and not equipped lounges waiting for them, as well as non-allocation of elevators and offices queries to their service.

The problem Committee shall from several departments in the ministry of the characters to the courts and study notes field and make the necessary proposals, and the preparation of the general rules of the controls in this regard, in preparation for the adoption and application in the courts and the writings of Justice, and holds the overall management of the projects of the ministry review the designs of court buildings and the writings of Justice planned to avoid the notes mentioned.

The move comes as part of several steps and initiatives undertaken by the ministry in the recent past to create the judicial buildings environment to be responsive to the needs of all users of its services To overcome all the obstacles that may face the litigants, especially the elderly, women and people with special needs, to deliver justice sectors Services with all the quality and proficiency, a strategic objective which is seeking to achieve and the Ministry of Justice, under the guidance and follow-up directly from Dr. Walid Al Samaani.[:]

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