Ministry of Justice: Training (11 845) the judicial staff in the (287) program

[:en]According to a report issued by the General Administration of training at the Ministry of Justice that these training programs included programs Institute of Public Administration which benefited (4648) employees from all departments of the Ministry and its departments, and included external programs, workshops and forums which benefited (22) competent staff, and specialized training programs such as specialized programs staff money houses and that an estimated included (4) training programs that train them ( 100) employees, and programs competent prepares opponents trained by (50) employees included two training programs, and programs competent sheets lawsuit trained by (25) trainees, programs and specialized copywriters disciple of (11) program trained them (275) employees, also included a specialist for training (125) from bailiffs implementation, and two specialists for employees of security management and safety training which (50) employees of the Safety and Security Department, and the (50) a specialized program for notaries trained them (500 notary), training (50) employees of the signal on the two languages specialized skills for dealing with the auditors for the deaf and dumb. The ministry provided programs also included in the past year training (5425) employees at (217) training program in behavioral management programs and training (575) employees who recently joined the facility Justice in (23) a program for the rehabilitation of new employees. [:]
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