Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the Ministry of Health have joined forces to pinpoint potential investment opportunities in areas of medical equipment manufacturing, medicine production and healthcare services, among others. Nasser al-Tuwyan, spokesman for SAGIA, said the six-point plan aims to send the pharmaceutical industry’s contribution to the gross domestic product from 3.2 per cent now to more than five per cent over a span of ten years from now. It also seeks to deliver high-quality medical services, boosting the efficiency of current services, and achieve self-sufficiency of medical cadres, doubling job opportunities in this sector and hit a Saudisation (naturalization of jobs) ratio of 40 per cent in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals domain, according the spokesman, who was speaking to Al-Eqtisadiah. The ambitious plan aims to reduce the Arab country’s imports of pharmaceuticals and medicines to less than 70 per cent and procure top-of-the-line medical equipment to ultimately produce key medicines. However, some local industry sources aired concerns related to fierce competition by global manufactures, lengthy licensing and the lack of specialized expertise and insufficient spending on scientific research. France inks $11b deal with KSA RIYADH — France announced on Tuesday a number of deals worth 10 billion euros ($11.4 billion) with Saudi Arabia during a visit by Prime Minister Manuel Valls. “France-Saudi Arabia: 10 billion euros in contracts,” he wrote in a tweet. The deals cover energy, health, food, satellites and infrastructure, according to the prime minister’s office. Earlier, Saudi and French enterprises alike presented investment opportunities to a large audience of business and community leaders at the second Saudi French Business Opportunities Forum in an effort to bolster a strategic partnership between France and Saudi Arabia. The investment plan in the transportation sector, prepared by the Ministry of Transport in cooperation with the Saudi Arabian General Authority for Investment (SAGIA), also identified 36 promising investment opportunities potentially worth up to $25 billion. They include manufacturing of buses and train coaches, spare parts and technical support services in the establishment of infrastructure work, operations, maintenance and training. SAGIA’s Executive Director for Investment Development Faisal Bafarat, speaking at a session on promoting sustainable economic growth revealed there are 194 projects in the Kingdom partly or fully-owned by French companies with a total capital of about SR75 billion. CEO of Business France Muriel Penicaud presented reasons to invest in France, referring to France’s high level infrastructure, openness to invest, competitive set up costs, productive workforce, its aim for innovation, its growing Gulf presence.

Ministry of Justice: Training (11 845) the judicial staff in the (287) program

[:en]According to a report issued by the General Administration of training at the Ministry of Justice that these training programs included programs Institute of Public Administration which benefited (4648) employees from all departments of the Ministry and its departments, and included external programs, workshops and forums which benefited (22) competent staff, and specialized training programs such as specialized programs staff money houses and that an estimated included (4) training programs that train them ( 100) employees, and programs competent prepares opponents trained by (50) employees included two training programs, and programs competent sheets lawsuit trained by (25) trainees, programs and specialized copywriters disciple of (11) program trained them (275) employees, also included a specialist for training (125) from bailiffs implementation, and two specialists for employees of security management and safety training which (50) employees of the Safety and Security Department, and the (50) a specialized program for notaries trained them (500 notary), training (50) employees of the signal on the two languages specialized skills for dealing with the auditors for the deaf and dumb. The ministry provided programs also included in the past year training (5425) employees at (217) training program in behavioral management programs and training (575) employees who recently joined the facility Justice in (23) a program for the rehabilitation of new employees. [:]

Saudi Arabia to set up training center’s for judges

[:en]Changes to the legal system are seen by analysts as crucial for wider social and economic reforms aimed at reconciling Saudi Arabia’s ultra-conservative traditions with the demands of a young population and modern economy.

However, some clerics in the kingdom have opposed any change to the judiciary, seeing the country’s legal system of sharia or Islamic law as a divinely inspired set of rules that cannot be changed by temporal authorities.

A cabinet statement reported by the Saudi Press Agency said the training centers, run by the Justice Ministry, would focus on the “efficiency and performance” of judges and other officials.

All judges, assistant judges, clerks and court secretaries need a huge amount of training and upgrading of their skills.[:]

Saudi downstream industry has $150 bln worth of investment potential: SAGIA chief

[:en]According to the new downstream industry will create over an estimated 200,000 direct industrial jobs—and double that number indirect jobs—over the next ten years.

In context of the current low oil price, diversification away from the hydrocarbon sector has become critical for the economy. As a result, SAGIA wants to attract more high-end investors into the kingdom to create white collar, or technical jobs for its citizens.

The state agency had launched a Unified Investment Plan, or UIP, earlier this year to turn the kingdom’s diversification agenda into lucrative opportunities worth nearly $500 billion to encourage foreign companies to invest locally.

The kingdom has even changed its investment law to allow strategic investors– after their first year– an extension of their licensing period for up to 15 years before having to renew again, Al-Othman added.[:]

Minister of Social Affairs of the National Committee for the elderly is leading a discussion of medical care and legislation 1.2 million senior citizens in the kingdom this year

[:en]During the meeting to discuss a number of themes that serve seniors category which aspects of medical care, and the system of protection of rights of the elderly as well as ways to activate the celebration of the World Day of Older Persons.

The aim of the work of this Committee to formulate public policy for the care of the elderly in the UK, and propose rules and regulations enactment of older people to ensure them a decent life and enhance their status in the community legislation, as well as the consolidation of awareness of the situation of the elderly and their cases in order to ensure family and social status and promotes positive role, as well as encouraging family and society and enhance their role in the care of the elderly, and to encourage research in the development of care and services provided to older methods of age in cooperation with organizations and local, regional and international bodies working in this field, and take advantage of the recommendations and decisions issued by the Special elderly local, regional and international conferences, as well as the proposal of programs and special projects the elderly in accordance with their experience and their orientation, and to encourage studies and research and hold seminars, conferences and seminars on the various issues of older persons, and stimulate civil society organizations to support the elderly, and to take all necessary measures to ensure the application of policies, regulations and implementation of programs and projects.[:ar]خلال الاجتماع مناقشة عدد من الموضوعات التي تخدم كبار السن الفئة التي جوانب الرعاية الطبية، ونظام حماية حقوق المسنين وكذلك سبل تفعيل الاحتفال باليوم العالمي لكبار السن.

الهدف من عمل هذه اللجنة لوضع السياسة العامة لرعاية المسنين في المملكة المتحدة، واقتراح القواعد واللوائح سن كبار السن لضمان حياة كريمة لهم وتعزيز وضعهم في التشريع المجتمع، فضلا عن تعزيز الوعي بحالة المسنين وقضاياهم من أجل ضمان الأسرة والوضع الاجتماعي ويعزز دور إيجابي، وكذلك تشجيع الأسرة والمجتمع وتعزيز دورها في رعاية المسنين، وتشجيع البحث العلمي في التنمية الرعاية والخدمات المقدمة للأساليب القديمة من العمر في التعاون مع المنظمات والهيئات المحلية والإقليمية والدولية العاملة في هذا المجال، والاستفادة من التوصيات والقرارات الصادرة عن المؤتمرات المحلية والإقليمية والدولية المسنين الخاصة، فضلا عن اقتراح البرامج والمشاريع الخاصة والمسنين وفقا لخبراتهم وميولهم، وتشجيع الدراسات والبحوث وعقد الندوات والمؤتمرات والندوات حول مختلف القضايا من كبار السن، وتنشيط منظمات المجتمع المدني لدعم كبار السن، و اتخاذ جميع التدابير اللازمة لضمان تطبيق السياسات واللوائح وتنفيذ البرامج والمشاريع.


The Minister of Justice chairs the Executive Bureau of the Arab Justice Ministers meeting in Cairo

[:en]It will address the meeting which will be held membership Excellencies the Ministers of Justice in each of the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and the Republic of Iraq and the State of Palestine and the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Morocco and the Arab Center for Legal and Judicial Research in Beirut.

It will address the Executive Office at the current meeting of the Arab Convention against Terrorism and the mechanism for implementation and Arab Convention to combat money laundering and terrorist financing and a network of Arab judicial cooperation in the fight against terrorism and organized crime, and the draft protocol of the Arab to combat human trafficking.

As heads of His Excellency the Minister of Justice, Honorary President of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice Saudi delegation participating in the the work of the thirty-first session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice and Coordination Meeting for Excellencies the Ministers of Justice of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and to work to unify the position and visions about what will present the topics on the Council to come out a common vision among the GCC countries.[:]

To strengthen efforts between the two sides of the fight against corruption.. Justice Minister receives President of the National Authority for Combating Corruption

[:en]During the meeting, they discussed aspects of cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and the Commission and a review of common goals, also reviewed The meeting work and coordination between the Ministry and the integrity of relationships to support efforts to combat corruption.

HE Supervisor General Counsel meeting was attended by the Minister of Justice Sheikh Youssef bin

Abdulaziz Al Faraj office.

As was attended by the National Authority for Combating Corruption Deputy Chairman of the Authority to protect the integrity of Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Aelaidakadir and his deputy Anti-Corruption HE Mr. Osama bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabiah.[:]