Justice Minister inaugurates offices strategically to develop the ministry’s work and improve services

The ministry revealed that HE rely performance measurement indicators through the “strategic office” for the development of the judicial work and the documentary and the writings of Justice to serve the citizens and residents of the highest quality and workmanship standards.

The ministry said that the office will prepare annual plans, policy and business planning strategy of the ministry and supervision and follow-up and adoption and development, as the office will assist all departments in the ministry to prepare their annual plans and provide them with studies and information, in addition to the office to prepare periodic reports on the performance of the ministry to ensure the upgrading institutional and productivity excellence.

The ministry pointed out that the “strategic office” will work on the classification of initiatives and innovative projects and creative provided by the agencies and departments and convert them into reality, after the standards that aim to improve the mastery of initiatives in line with the activation of the ministry’s strategy mode, as the office is working to enable employees to effective implementation of the strategy of the ministry titled: “administrated justice quality and proficiency.”

The ministry said that the office will coordinate and cooperate with the Ministry of Economy and Planning in the preparation of plans and follow-up phases of the annual accomplished, as well as coordination with the performance of government agencies measure on measuring the performance of the ministry center.

The ministry is currently working on several initiatives to develop its human resources to support facility Justice and the judiciary, where he launched the initiative “involved” to take advantage of the human distinctive competencies of the employees of the Ministry of Justice and others, in all legal, regulatory, administrative, technical and other fields, to participate in the march of development ministry, the ministry has provided a way for those wishing to join the initiative “participated” Registration on the ministry’s website to create a detailed database of the participants are to take advantage of them in the development ministry projects in all sectors, as the ministry has worked to attract a number of national distinctive competencies in many of the administrative, financial, technical and legal disciplines In the areas of development and planning, human resources and project management.