[:en]Minister of Justice Forum concludes with the heads of the courts and inspecting a number of legitimate circles[:ar]يختتم وزير العدل المنتدى مع رؤساء المحاكم والتفتيش على عدد من الدوائر الشرعية[:]

also addressed the forum to discuss the need to integrate Alanhaiah departments and judicial departments in the personal status, and a review of the most prominent notes of personal status departments in the repeated appeals courts on matters of personal status. the President of the Court Sheikh Ahmed bin Hever Alhver At the beginning of the visit, the Ma’aleh inspection tour inside the corridors of the court briefed them on the progress of work in the court also heard Ma’aleh to explain by virtue of the President of the Court for the procedures and requirements of the Court, as the Minister of Justice paid a visit to my writing the first of justice and the second Ptok briefed during the visit on the progress of work in writing reviewing Ma’aleh with their honor notaries in the writings of the most important business requirements, and the success of the documentary process in writing. The judicial process, which is certain to their honor in the application of legal provisions … pointing that the ministry and part of its efforts to develop its human resources was one of the first ministries initiated the transfer departments of Personnel of human resources in order to effectuate the program of King Salman for Human Resources Development, which aims to raise the quality of government employee performance and productivity at work and the development of the work environment and to develop policies and procedures are clear for the application of the concept of human resources and preparation and building leaders from the second row, in addition to that the ministry has provided many of the initiatives that will develop and motivate staff performance and protect their rights and improve productivity. Director General of the Ministry of Justice branch in Tabuk, Sheikh Ibrahim broiler during the ceremony that honored the elite of the Ministry’s staff comes within the ministry’s concerns in support functional cadres and strengthen the role of the human element qualified and trained in the development of the judicial environment.

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