Implementation Riyadh court to recover more than two billion five hundred million riyals a month

[:en]Where statistics showed that the court has issued over the past year 1436 AH (31.090) a preliminary order to article (34 ) included “It’s fulfilling and enforcement within five days” with an average monthly rate of (2.591) is, as issued (21.840) is Article (46) contained “travel ban and stop the agencies and disclosure of business activities, money and booking them and notice the body responsible for the credit record of not fulfilling and that in the event of failure to meet within five days according to preliminary order to article (34), “a monthly average of (1.820) is, as issued (11.204) executive imprisonment orders for those who have not implemented it and hid his money, while the total material orders (34) for the month of Muharram of the current year amounted to (4.064) is an increase (56.8%) from the monthly average of last year, and that total orders to Article (46) Report (3.598) is an increase (97.6%) from the monthly average for last year, was released (2.385) is Executive imprisonment, an increase of (155%) from the monthly average for last year.

and attributed the virtue of the President of the execution court in Riyadh, Sheikh Abdul Ilah bin Ibrahim Aeroan This increase in the pace of work and increase the productivity of implementation decisions issued by the Court in this year compared to the previous year, which amounted increase of close to 100% attributed to the adoption of the Ministry of Justice.

the new Hijri year 1437 AH has seen a noticeable increase in the receipt of applications, and thus accelerates the pace of work of the Court issued a preliminary decision in the enforcement of judgments and decisions of the Executive and the obligation under the commercial paper, as well as booking and reservation to money decisions, and the travel ban and disclosure of funds imprisonment for those who did not abide by the implementation and delivery of rights.

And that Riyadh court execution carried out financial claims last year’s 1436 e estimated at more than twenty-eight billion riyals (28,035,114,618,49) a monthly average of more than two billion and three hundred million riyals (2,336,250,000) almost, with Funds carried out during the month of Muharram of the year 1437 its more than two billion, six hundred and thirty-nine million riyals (2,639,486,647), pointing out that the Court receives more than a month (7900) references referrals to the Department of the Court to raise new claims.[:]

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