[:en]Health Jazan manager: we are keen to attract professionals and specialists physiotherapy and Undersecretary of Jazan region inaugurates the activities of the International Day for Disability[:ar]مدير صحة جازان: نحن حريصون على جذب المهنيين والمتخصصين في العلاج الطبيعي وكيل منطقة جازان يفتتح فعاليات اليوم العالمي للإعاقة[:]

The Princess Samira: The Jizan region has seen during the past five years a very big development boom. Require all responsible parties to provide services to people with special needs, and make more effort to provide better services for this precious category on all of our hearts. Among general manager of the health of Jazan region, Dr. Mohammed al-high during the opening speech that the management and development plans for wide sections of physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation hospitals in the region. Noting that ongoing work is now on the establishment of eight new units for prosthetics in hospitals in the region at a cost of 20 million riyals, and there are plans for the health of the region to create a 9 specialized units and integrated physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation; currently numbering with operating to 28 units, in addition to the center of the Parties Industrial and career centers for treatment. Adding that he was also the appropriation of $ 3 million riyals for the processing of physical therapy departments at hospitals with modern medical area. Dr. Abed Higher stressed that the health of Jazan keen to attract and absorb the output of Jazan University of specialists and physical therapy specialists, and we are waiting for the new graduates of the Department of Respiratory Therapy at the University of Jazan, which will be supportive to fill the need in this specialty.

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