Minister of Social Affairs of the National Committee for the elderly is leading a discussion of medical care and legislation 1.2 million senior citizens in the kingdom this year

During the meeting to discuss a number of themes that serve seniors category which aspects of medical care, and the system of protection of rights of the elderly as well as ways to activate the celebration of the World Day of Older Persons.

The aim of the work of this Committee to formulate public policy for the care of the elderly in the UK, and propose rules and regulations enactment of older people to ensure them a decent life and enhance their status in the community legislation, as well as the consolidation of awareness of the situation of the elderly and their cases in order to ensure family and social status and promotes positive role, as well as encouraging family and society and enhance their role in the care of the elderly, and to encourage research in the development of care and services provided to older methods of age in cooperation with organizations and local, regional and international bodies working in this field, and take advantage of the recommendations and decisions issued by the Special elderly local, regional and international conferences, as well as the proposal of programs and special projects the elderly in accordance with their experience and their orientation, and to encourage studies and research and hold seminars, conferences and seminars on the various issues of older persons, and stimulate civil society organizations to support the elderly, and to take all necessary measures to ensure the application of policies, regulations and implementation of programs and projects.