Minister of Justice supports the implementation of the list of service providers

Included Regulations implementation service providers they amount judicial securities and agent judicial sale and goalkeeper judicial Khazen judicial and specialized companies to oversee the delivery of the leased assets transferred process as well as the implementation of private sector service provider after the cabinet approval to assign the service to the private sector.

stipulated regulations on licensing , “providers of implementation services , ” demanded to be of Saudi nationality and have the commercial register and that without his credit record of any negative information that affect and should not be convicted Baasarh or bankruptcy.

the list stressed the good karma licensee and not found guilty in breach of honor, integrity or judgment upon itself illegal.

the confirmed list on the practitioners of the license to maintain the confidentiality of the information and data and to prevent circulation and not to publish any writing or permit terms of the work that he carries out with to prevent the licensee from engaging in any work related to it , or one of his wives or relatives or in- laws to the fourth degree and not to participate in auctions in charge of them, with the licensee claim in the case of suspended license, canceled or completed the liquidation of its business and the fulfillment of all the commitment during a period not exceeding sixty days from the date of suspension or cancellation or completion

the ministry aims of application services implementation providers to involve the private sector in the provision of these services to ensure fast delivery with optimizing work and providing employment opportunity through training on the works of the private sector.