[:en]The Ministries of Justice and municipal affairs in anticipation of a Memorandum of Cooperation[:]

[:en]Included memo Urban Planning through the procedures for the adoption of plans, including making sure of the validity of instruments and safety between him and numbering the pieces, sorting, consolidation and organizational redundancies, and encoding approved and the names of the living and the fragmentation of agricultural land and the allocation of land to the Ministry of Justice and the integration of the streets.

The memo also included the cadastral requirements for properties and applications arguments become established and instruments of real estate issued from the writings of Justice and the inventory of land and property ownership.

the aim of this note to unify procedures between the secretariats and municipalities Almrbth courts and notaries in all regions of the Kingdom, and the formation of a database of inventory land and from the properties, and review some of the requirements and modify what it takes as required by the regulations and instructions , whether in the field of urban planning or other in the common areas, and aims to provide land sites suitable for the Islamic courts and the writings of Justice in some of the major cities to curb the buildings tenant.[:]

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