Dr.. Bronchial launches officially profit associations and organizations and its executive regulation system

D. Hammad Ali Al Hammadi, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development, to starting to work the new system opens a new stage in the march of development work in our generous, pointing out that the system includes targets developmental, social, and additions developmental and features codified associations and institutions of civil in terms of classification and identification of the ministry functions and the authorities supervising them , which will contribute in supporting and organizing social and charity work in the Kingdom and sophistication of services provided by NGOs and associations and institutions 746 162 Foundation guestrooms.

Dr. explained. Salem Religious and Social Affairs Minister for Development and Development Consultant, that the ministry will work in conjunction with associations and institutions system and its implementing regulations on private non-profit sector data electronic platform, as well as the launch of the governance system and evaluate the performance of NGOs (tightening).

Religious and indicated that the governance system and evaluate the performance of NGOs (tightening) is based on the measurement of the commitment of NGOs practices of corporate governance and proper process of disclosure, and the promotion of health and financial soundness, and the deployment and development show, and the most important aims of this system to improve the mental image of the non-profit sector, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of NGOs in front stakeholders, guiding society towards coordination opportunities and social investment in the sector, driving and guiding the growth of associations and opportunities for the quantitative and qualitative expansion of the sector, and-enable a ministry of the switch to based on the information management and provide a sustainable mechanism for the flow of accurate and reliable industry data, check the association’s commitment to the practices of corporate governance actors, the ministry was able to measure the performance and effectiveness of the association in the programs, and to facilitate the disclosure and availability of data process.

The Implementing Regulations associations and institutions and the rules of family funds available on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs , which ( Www.mosa.gov.sa/ar/policies)