SAGIA chairman vows to boost competitiveness investment

[:en]Since our accession to the WTO in 2005, increasing our competitiveness to attract a new generation of investments for diversifying the economy has truly become a national effort. Today’s summit will provide us with further insight into what next steps can be taken to catapult Saudi Arabia to the next level.”
The governor said much has been done in the past five years to improve, in particular to increase the ease of doing business, but important decisions and announcements — many in developing infrastructure — will be made soon to further signal to the global business community that Saudi Arabia is open for business.

The GFCC this year will bring together leaders from 30 countries to share best practices to enhance competitiveness strategies. In that respect, GFCC is more than just a knowledge, policy and strategy creation platform. The GFCC is an action organization, giving members the tools to enhance the competitiveness of their home countries, regions and organizations.[:]

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