315 possessor of the property of the citizens of the GCC in the Kingdom during the last year

[:en]And revealed the central administration for permission to documentation at the Ministry of Justice that the citizens have the other GCC countries other than the State of Kuwait for the drug in the Kingdom for the year 1436 AH reached (87) instrument owns, statistical and reported that the citizens of the State of Qatar received the second highest rate of (48) instrument owns, came after the State of Bahrain, where own citizens (25) instrument of a property in the Kingdom during the last year, was followed by the United Arab Emirates by owns (6) instruments of the property, then the State of Oman recorded the lowest level of ownership by (8) instruments of real estate for its citizens within the Kingdom.

which was issued by the Ministry of Justice a significant drop of acquisition by the citizens of the GCC countries, where the ministry recorded owns the citizens of cooperation by member states (400) citizen Gulf for the year 1435 AH, with Justice reports have (516) Emtemlka of the property during the 1434 e year recorded.

According to the Ministry of Justice its commitment to end all actions to have the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council with precision and speed in accordance with the regulations of the Kingdom.[:]

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