Using field teams visit homes « Social Affairs » begin renovation elderly Mstvdia data

This came within the new mechanism for civil maturity, which stipulates the need to update beneficiaries warranty statements, and that the first phase of this segment is made up according to a specific timetable will begin as of this month.

Said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs Social Security Mohammed Aqla that Social Security 117 offices, travel offices, will begin field research through the allocation of researchers to assist in the modernization of the beneficiaries data according to the slogan of security “get them before they get us.”

He Aqla ready Social Security offices in all regions of the UK to visit those who cannot go to the offices of security to update its data in order from the ministry on the palm of a private Mstvdia for this precious category, noting that Social Security will stop services from its data did not happen after 12 weeks from the date of 1/5 / 1437 , explaining that all warranty offices receiving requests for wanting to send researchers into the homes of elderly fathers to update the data.