Minister of Social Affairs shall safeguard the public institution for the care of the ceremony Aloitamalmaiql : We have orphans beat the finest examples of obtaining a master’s and bachelor’s lien and Minister of Social Affairs sponsored public Orphans Fo

. According to d. Almaiql that the ministry acted for the family of the adoptive three thousand anyone who is over six years and two thousand riyals for those who are under it, and said that the foster families are the ideal situation for orphans, stressing the keenness the ministry on aspects of education, training and employment for orphans and the coordination of the Ministry in this regard with the Human Resources Fund to find jobs for most of the orphans who have graduated from the university or who stopped at high school. He thanked d. Almaiql Minister of Social Affairs d. Bronchial Majid for his patronage of the General Orphans Foundation ceremony.

During the occasion the signing of an agreement between the charity to care for orphans and a torchlight charity to support the Foundation’s programs and activities and the adoption of all issues Bmstvdia own.