Minister of Justice issued a circular to improve the performance of the writings of Justice and shorten procedures

the face of Ma’aleh notary definitely sufficiency fingerprint at the request defined a citizen and resident of men and women alike in every issue of the Notary of the work in the absence of the possibility of definition of a woman fingerprint be sufficient ID and one of the male relative or two others , with an emphasis on the assumption of a notary himself hear the endorsement of women and ensure their identity and not Astnabp any of the writing staff.
also included a circular commissioned notary or more depending on the implementation system and its executive when you need to work in force courts to take over the emptying procedure when issued by the execution judge of the decisions of the sale of properties and the issuance of instruments.

Revealed the Ministry of Justice to His Excellency the Minister face – sufficient in the presence of one of the angel of the instrument or agent for a request to update instruments, with the release of a new instrument for the student Damaged agitator, which did not come out a comprehensive system with the explanation in the instrument record as issued instead.
The circular included shortcut version instrument replacement of lost or procedures damaged ancient instruments in a single step, by issuing an updated instrument in the overall electronic system at the request of the extraction instrument lost or rather damaged in the instruments that did not occur comprehensive system instead.
the Minister of Justice in the circulated that the instrument issued by the court , which is set a treatment plan from the concerned authority updated and add planning Notary in a single procedure and issued him a new instrument.
organized the Justice Department during the last quarter of last year 1436 his first meeting to honor the heads of the writings of Justice to develop work to save the real estate wealth and the development of the real estate sector in the Kingdom of the mechanism, in addition to strengthening the documentary work in the writings of Justice, which comes to coincide with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Justice, which is currently adopted for the development work in the judicial process.