Minister of Justice circulated to all UK courts importance of attribution regulars in the provisions of the Violence Against Children

He pointed Maale in mainstreaming issued to all courts in the Kingdom to the importance of the reference to Article irregular when causation rule in this regard, so come under the attention of the Ministry of Justice, social programs related to social protection and reduce victimization through collaboration with a number of specialized sectors, such as the Ministry of Social Affairs and the family Safety.

It completed the Justice Department during the month of zero last awareness to domestic violence program in the UK courts, which included a number of exhibitions held at the family courts in various regions of the Kingdom and included a definition of the procedures are professional in dealing with domestic violence issues, and most important protection systems materials from abuse and the system of child rights associated side Justice, where the events witnessed by the reaction of visitors to the exhibition, as well as employees of the courts and nominally honor the judges and their assistants.

The Ministry of Justice has training programs targeting the definition of domestic violence and judicial procedures towards it includes all courts in the Kingdom, with the participation of a number of family court judges and judges of the criminal courts, a number of specialists and lectures in which the social justice issue, and designed such programs to enhance the capacity of participants and discuss and debate the mechanisms and procedures systemic and scientific dealing with issues related to the claims of violence and abuse, it has been through those programs in the last period of more than (125 training) a judge of the family court and criminal prosecution in Riyadh and Mecca, Medina and Jeddah and Dammam.