Justice Minister receives delegation of the European Parliament

The Minister of Justice, Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Sheikh Dr. Walid bin Mohammed Samaani the independence of the judiciary in the Kingdom and be provided to all the safeguards that are consistent with international human rights standards.

The Ministry Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament Andrei Pellnkovic accompanied by Head of the Delegation of the European Union Adam Kolakh, and a number of members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European parliament and who is visiting the UK now, where it reviewed and the Minister of Justice of the parliamentary delegation during the reception of the judicial system and judicial principles in the Kingdom in civil, commercial and criminal matters, commercial arbitration, and the mechanism for implementing the provisions of the judiciary and foreign arbitrators, and merits, which depends has to make up the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its provisions derived from the provisions of Islamic law and judicial guarantees in the Kingdom of systems.

Samaani added that the judiciary in the UK gave the accused all his civil rights, which saved him the law that is compatible with international human rights instruments, including the public trial and the right to a lawyer and to give this lawyer right in the presence of the investigation and litigation procedures and access to all documents and Alillot own the accused with the guarantee of the Ministry of Justice lawyers costs for those who do not have the material possible.