Judicial Training Centre opens its training plan with three programs in Mecca

And Sheikh Husseini in his speech during the launch of the training program Makkah with the participation of 60 judges from various terms of reference of the courts in the regions of the Kingdom, and judicial groups to see the Minister of Justice, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Magistracy in the importance of training judges, and to ensure the highest standards of quality in the training, and taking into account the stages and procedures to measure the impact of return from it.Has initiated a training center of the justice of his plan training for this year to establish three training programs in Makkah

handled “cases of marriage teams .. procedures and provisions” program definition of the band and their types (such as divorce, and divorce, and annulment …), highlighted the causes, and the impact of the damage in the band, and the impact of the absence of liabilities in the band issues (Kalahoudar forced, governance absentee .. and the like), also deals with the judicial proceedings in the band issues, and arbitration between the spouses, and judicial jurisdiction in this type of case, and accelerated implementation in marriage teams issues … and the like of topics, while eating, “the heads of health institutions program legitimacy and their assistants.

It should be noted that the Justice training Center in preparation for the start of the plan established the first program for “training the trainers” for twenty-seven of the owners of virtue judges the candidates to provide training programs, which focused on the necessary management skills training sessions, organizing activities and exercises, and interactive skills training, and dumping, and to deal with visual presentations.