Judges assigned to the family court to work outside official working hours

the Supreme Council is working to eliminate the study of the application of assigning honor the family court judges both Mecca and Jeddah to work outside official working time of a softening of the auditors and to facilitate them, comes this command in the context of the paradigm shift taking place in the justice sector in implementation of the directives of the rulers – God save them – and follow-up and guidance of His Excellency the Minister of Justice, chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Sheikh Walid bin Mohammed Samaani.

and specializes in family courts to consider all matters of personal status, which include: proof of marriage, divorce, divorce, and annulment of the marriage, and irreversibility, custody, alimony, and the visit, in addition to proving endowment issues, wills, and birth, death, and the determination of heirs and inheritance, and dividing the estate, including the drug if it is a dispute, or share halt or bequest, or a minor or absent