Dr. Bronchial thank the King for his care and support for the work of the charity and chaired the first meeting of the Foundation of King Fahd charity

Bronchial the minister said that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, is a leading charity work since he was at the helm Emirate of Riyadh for more than half a century, since the first charity work, projects and initiatives and Ooagafh great interest in the continued patronage.

And a number of Ma’aleh number of Custodian of the Two Holy care models for charitable work in all its forms Kdamh Societies land and housing charity and development and support charitable projects and the construction of mosques and the care of orphans and supporting Koranic rings and donating the global financial prizes to keep the Koran boys and girls, and care for patients with kidney failure, and help young people to marry and to help with special needs, as well as established under God’s protection centers for disability and youth support and research relief.