Message from chairman

The Legal profession is one of the most – if not the most – important professions known to humanity over the centuries. It is reckoned to be partnering the judiciary in investigating facts to bringing justice and rule of law.

My choice to work in this great profession dates back to 1995 and it was out of my inherent growing desire to conquer this field despite being thought of as an off-the-beaten-track career path at that time. Back in the nineties, the legal profession was still unregulated in Saudi Arabia where venturing into the unpredictable legal domain was considered an extremely risky step. The profession at that time lacked many essential elements that may ease the way for lawyers to start doing business such as the non-existence of an organ entrusted with regulating the profession; a lack of laws and regulations that may define the rights and obligations of all concerned parties; and lack of public emphasis on the importance of legal profession.

In spite of all these hindrances, I decided to overcome any obstacles I faced and fulfill my passion for the legal profession, in which I always believed. To this end, “Al-Soaib Law Firm and Partners” was point when my career took off. I consider my career both arduous and delightful at the very same time. Despite my humble beginnings, I never despaired nor lost hope in the legal profession to prosper in the Kingdom and overcome any impediments, thanks to God, and the wise policy making of the state which did not leave the matter unregulated. Believing in myself, in my potential and in the future of the profession in the Kingdom, I was one of the early attorneys in the Kingdom who started doing business in the fresh legal practice market.

At that time, our solid standing in the market was prompted by our persistence and constantly challenged by the unregulated legal market. In an era that witnessed a stunningly booming business and investment market in the Kingdom’s economy in all aspects and its openness to various world economies to participate in the fast growing national economy, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority SAGIA was established in the year 2000 to cope with the process of economy liberalization and serving international investors to promote the investment climate in the Kingdom.

The progress thereof managed the regulation for the legal profession by the enactment of the Saudi Legal Practice Law along with the code of court procedures and transferring its affiliation from the ministry of commerce to the ministry of Justice. This marked the true ignition of the profession in the Kingdom where the proliferation of law firms has ensued. At that time, law firms started gaining momentum and new horizons were opened by the new economic developments. As such, we had to benefit from this major turning point in the history of the profession in the Kingdom –which we anticipated – to achieve a huge leap in our career thanks to our expertise we accumulated through working amid the early economic volatile variables.

Ever since that date, and by the grace of God, Al-Soaib Law Firm and Partners worked relentlessly on consolidating its position in that domain until we became one of the leading and fast-progressing law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During our challenging journey, we succeeded in cooperating with major international law firms for experience exchange and facilitation of delivering all sorts of legal consultations for big enterprises and investors wishing to benefit from the positive investment climate in the Kingdom. This collaboration has enriched our firm by exchanging insightful techniques in the provision of legal service and raising the standards of service to pave the road for multinational enterprises entering the Saudi market. Our firm acted akin to an ambassador by representing foreign companies vis-à-vis the Saudi public sector and local authorities.

The result of all the above mentioned success elements was accredited to the wise policies and continuous support from our national government and to all our success partners who worked in our law firm. Special thanks go to the trust our esteemed clients have placed in our firm and thus sharing in our success story from its humble beginnings through to being today’s success icon in the market.

Finally, it is my dearest wish to thank all my colleagues and staff for their continuous efforts throughout the past years. Moreover I sincerely thank our loyal clients for their confidence; we are here to serve you and shall move forward because of you.

Mohammed Al-Soaib