Turki bin Mohammed announced a donation of two million riyals Cheetah Foundation for «building» and charitable Ahsa

Prince Turki bin Mohammed on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the exhibition «Cheetah leadership» in the University of Petroleum yesterday (Tuesday), which was inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef, Governor of the Eastern region of the existence of coordination with the Department of Education, in the eastern region, as well as universities and colleges in the area, the students visited the morning of the show, to see the pillars and its contents. His Highness said: «There will be special tours for students of every school in the region to take advantage of the exhibition», referring to «the existence of training courses aimed at young men and women category, along with the child, which offers courses for children showing them the features of leadership in the personality of King Fahd Laboratory».

«King Fahd – may God have mercy on him – is the father of every citizen, and we invite everyone to visit the exhibition and see the history and the exploits of the late king, who has sought for the good of this country and enhance safety and security enjoyed by the Kingdom», adding that «the people of the eastern region always are active and attend a lot of events and activities, so do not be surprised if cheetah exhibit has a remarkable presence of the people of the region, and we welcome visitors to the exhibition from various neighboring Gulf states, who are always involved residents of the area in their activities ».