1- Due Diligence Report (DDR): The Firm prepares a due diligence report on a desired property, thereby illustrating the following:

A. The legitimacy of title of deed and its evolution to the seller, and explaining the property’s facts according to the governmental documents.

B. Building permission, including the percent permitted, purpose of building, and all the other governmental facts regarding the building license/permission.

C. Commercial Register: Whereby the firm verifies, in the event the Seller is an entity rather than an individual, the right of the Seller to sign on behalf of the entity, and other facts regarding the commercial register.

D. Taxation’s status.

E. Examining any potential encumbrances on the property including mortgage, hypothecation, lien, mortmain, hiker, life-land agreement or superficial rights.

2- Authenticating the Transaction: The Firm fully assists on registering the property in the name of the new owner.

3- Drafting and reviewing property purchase contract to the highest global standards, maintaining balance between parties and offering sufficient protection for each. The Firm offers Next of Kin services as well, upon request.