Riyadh General Court recorded a decrease in spacing appointments

A report issued by the judicial Inspection Department at the Supreme Council to eliminate the percentage reduction of appointments spacing in some Chambers reached 62%, the highest proportion among the judicial circuits, with varied drop appointments spacing in other circles between 45% and 25%.

The report pointed out that a number judicial offices some of the rise recorded in the spacing appointments where, prompting follow – up appointments in those departments, and monitor their performance to ensure the check administrated justice quality and proficiency.

he was the Minister of Justice and the Supreme Council of Magistracy , Dr. Walid bin Mohammed Samaani, may face Bonco specialized department for electronic follow – up work courts and judges and look at how well performance in accordance with indicators objective criteria by the applicable electronic system in the courts, and analyze the information derived from it to detect kinks through several electronic indicators that measure performance, and are then analyzed this data prepare periodic reports on all of this and presented to the Board for decision what needs to be about it .

Council revealed that there is a follow-up a minute late for issues or stumbling through a variety of indicators to monitor, the bugs show accurately, to build upon the Supreme Council for the elimination of some of its decisions, without losing sight alongside the characters of judicial inspectors to the courts to stop the flaws directly.