Partnership between “Justice” and “social affairs” to curb domestic violence issues

The Minister of Justice, Dr. Walid bin Mohammed Samaani during his speech on the occasion that the firm to eliminate provisions cannot address the issues of domestic violence without activating the partnership between social institutions and the integration of coordination between them and the justice sector, and cooperation in such issues that you need to focus on the issue of attribution legitimate the regulars, noting that consideration of the issues of domestic violence and personal status cases exceed attribution them to memorize the different situations and facts which constitute a burden on the judge and thus highlights the urgent need here to the importance of cooperation and support of social work courts and activating the role of social workers in them.

the Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Majid bronchial during his speech to activate the social partnership between the two sides, stressing that the Ministry of Social Affairs is delighted to build an effective partnership and opening prospects for cooperation with the Ministry of Justice to curb the practices of domestic violence and violence against children, and finding aids for the exchange of information and coordination with regard to situations Domestic violence .

The Minister of Justice and Public counselor supervisor of the General Directorate of Social Service, Dr. Nasser lute that the signing of the memorandum came at the conclusion of the training program for judges regarding the judiciary to deal with cases of domestic violence; The culmination of training and awareness programs organized by the Ministry of Justice with the participation of family court judges and criminal courts and lectured by specialists in the matter and Social Justice.