Minister of Justice: Opens Tribunals Tabuk public penal and announce the establishment of a tribunal implementation of Tabuk

the work is under way Currently on the completion of system development of judicial buildings in all regions of the Kingdom, including the establishment of 72 Adli building distributed among the various regions … pointing out that the Supreme Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice are working to complete the specialized court system has been issued the Council’s decision to establish 10 courts for implementation in the regions of the Kingdom, including the area Tabuk.

Minister of Justice and his accompanying delegation toured inside the corridors of the tribunals and public criminal Tabuk and listened to a detailed explanation of the judicial buildings and the content of electronic equipment to facilitate the the judicial process, as the Minister of Justice to receive a number of reviewers and listened to their opinions about the work in the forensic facilities.

On the other hand concluded the Minister of Justice within his visit carried out by the city of Tabuk for the functioning of the legal departments where work and Development Workshop Report opponents and brought mechanisms which dealt him balancing judicial circuits standardized in UK courts to achieve justice prompt equitable distribution circuits in the courts and the preparation of regulatory and field studies judicial circuits and facilitate decision-making at the opening of the Declaration of judicial districts and its support for the decision-maker.

The participants recommended the workshop need to take the role of all multi-stakeholder participation and to activate the role of government agencies in the development of the performance of its business to inform opponents and bring them and the enforcement of all the ways that restrict the opponent and inform him and attended desirable bring it to them and the consolidation of the relationship and facilitated between all stakeholders and the unification of procedures to bring opponents mechanisms and notified the right time and find a mechanism-mail to the link between the various and multi-parties in order to prepare the liabilities side and notifying them and the emphasis on those actions and themes such as the importance in doing business in that subject.