Dr.. Bronchial: Janadriyah cultural event highlights the strong heritage

Dr. Majid bronchial added that the leadership has paid great attention Janadriah make it a cultural event created a milestone in terms of the national heritage.

The Minister of Social Affairs, The Festival Dates displays ancient past of Saudi heritage and popular crossing for the customs and traditions of all the regions of the Kingdom to remind generations this heritage and rich diversity.

Dr. bronchial and indicated that the festival is witnessing a lot of events with a character of the heritage, cultural, and that made everyone look forward to his visit to see given to the regions of the Kingdom and many authentic aspects of the aspects of heritage and find out what characterizes each region in the popular arts and crafts as well as cultural aspects.

The Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Majid bronchial out that the ministry is involved pavilion featuring a variety of programs and activities for the definition of the roles of the Ministry in support of sustainable social development paths through the windows through social activities and development partnerships with private and government and the charitable sector. In Janadriah These suites feature prominently through what is displayed initiatives and profession, vocation and business excellence founders seen by visitors, in addition to providing electronic services ministry beneficiary groups wing and open the way to receive the proposals through the Ideas Bank.