Dr.. Bronchial for ” Riyadh ” : the development of people with special needs to open up service on the successful experiences and attract expertise

Statement to “Al-Riyadh” when signing of the partnership agreement between the voice of Syndrome Association Down the US National Association of syndrome Duane ceremony, on the ministry’s support for such a movement, noting the successful efforts led by the voice of Down’s Syndrome Association in the care of people with Down syndrome, and achieved of promising success stories, and global partnerships will contribute to the Assembly’s leadership and development.

And established “the voice of Down syndrome,” a strategic partnership with the US National Association for Down Syndrome “NDSS” over the agreement aims to develop all areas of Down syndrome in the UK and raise awareness and support for people with this syndrome at the international level, and implemented a number of initiatives and fruitful programs between the two parties. Cooperation was signed in Riyadh agreement, and signed on for “The Voice” Society Princess Rima girl Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, President of the Assembly, and the American Society of Sara Hart Weir, President of Assembly.

Princess Reema girl Sultan, that the agreements between the two associations partnership is the first of its kind at the international level, which pays to look for work fruitful way for the delivery of “voice” services to a larger number of people with Down syndrome across the UK.