The Legal profession is one of the most – if not the most – important professions known to humanity over the centuries. It is reckoned to be partnering the judiciary in investigating facts to bringing justice and rule of law.
My choice to work in this great profession dates back to 1995 and it was out of my inherent growing desire to conquer this field despite being thought of as an off-the-beaten-track career path at that time.

Founder’s Memberships

Mr. Soaib; the Firm’s Founder and Chairman, has obtained the following memberships during his fruitful career:

Member of the International Chamber of Commerce – KSA

Essential Member of the Saudi Lawyers’ Bar Association.

Member of the International Chamber of Commerce – Paris
Member of SAGIA’s 10×10 Program

International Groupings Arabic Lawyers Union Membership Awarded From: Arabic Lawyer Membership

Member of the Legal 500
Member of International Trademark Association (INTA)/p>

Member of the Saudi American

Business Council

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